Harmony, Inc. Donation Funds

Fund Descriptions

Growing Harmony Fund

The purpose of the Growing Harmony Fund is to address the needs of the organization at all levels through education, mentorship, and training. This fund combines two programs developed for similar purposes: Harmony.Stronger Fund was launched at the November 2019 International Convention & Contests (IC&C) to support the initiatives or programs outlined in the strategic plan, Harmony. Stronger; the Growing Harmony Fund was developed and launched at the IC&C in November 2022 to support organizational initiatives that strengthen Areas and chapters and meet an increasing need for knowledgeable leadership. The combined fund supports initiatives established at the chapter and Area level for leader education and development as well as International Board of Directors initiatives that lead to improvements in public relations, any programs or initiatives created from the strategic plan, and overall function of the organization.

Steve Hagerdon Bright Future Fund

The Steve Hagerdon Bright Future Fund was established in 2023 to recognize the unparalleled impact Steve Hagerdon has had through his gifts to Harmony, Inc. and, specifically, his desire to ensure all youth have an opportunity to learn about the joys and rewards of barbershop singing. The purpose of this fund is to support youth opportunities and engagement through programs initiated by the International Board of Directors or organized by groups within Harmony, Inc. 

Tom Gentry Let Harmony Ring Fund

The Tom Gentry Let Harmony Ring Fund was established in early 2024 to honor the dedication of a 29-year judge, mentor, and supporter of Harmony, Inc. In 2023, Tom informed the International Board of Directors that Harmony, Inc. is one of the main beneficiaries of his estate. In recognition of this legacy gift, Harmony established a fund in Tom’s name. Members of the Harmony, Inc. judging community came together to make the first donations to the fund as an acknowledgment of Tom’s dedication to the organization. The fund supports Harmony, Inc. through a cascading priority of initiatives, including providing scholarships for hopeful arrangers, financial support for existing and potential judges, and, in years when no individual requests are received, funding for existing Harmony initiatives based on recommendation of the Finance Committee. 

Association of Harmony Queens Travel Fund

The purpose of this fund is to help finance the travel expense of bringing any registered Harmony queen quartet to a chapter show, or chapter-sponsored youth event, or area educational event, or area-sponsored youth event. All matters relative to the allocation of funds are handled by the Travel Fund Screening Committee, consisting of the Association of Harmony Queens Travel Fund Chairman, the Association of Harmony Queens Executive Committee (or their designees), and the International Vice President of Finance. Visit https://www.harmonyinc.org/queenstravelfund for more details.