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Our Generous Donors

May 2024
A Cappella Showcase in memory of Bertha Morton
Toronto Accolades in memory of Valerie Clowes
Area 6 in honor of the fabulous AC&C Judging Panel
Tom Gentry

April 2024
Area 2 Council in honor of Area 2 ACC Judging Panel
Harmony Heritage in memory of Mary Levasseur

Cynthia Knapp
Belinda Thompson
Newfound Sound in memory of Patrick Power

March 2024
Sisters of Sound in memory of Kathy Murphy
Sisters of Sound in memory of Eudellee Cole
The Over Tones, Inc. in memory of Mike McIsaac
The Over Tones, Inc. in honour of Onxy
Newfound Sound Chorus in memory of Sheila Connolly

February 2024
Sunshine Harmony in honor of Jeanne O'Connor
A Cappella Showcase in memory of Doris Huntsinger Hooker, mother-in-law of member Rosemarie Chales
Area 6 in honor of Family Feud
A Cappella Showcase in memory of Andy Maas, brother of member Gabrielle Maas and uncle to member Chloe Robbins
Jeanne O'Connor
Sunshine Harmony Chorus in honour of Jeanne O'Connor
Adele Merritt in honour of Tom Gentry

January 2024
Susan Wood in honor of Tom Gentry
ICJC in honour of judging mentors Chris Buechler, Tom Gentry & Joe Hunter
Anne Bureau in honour of Tom Gentry
Jean Hudson in honor of Sara Stone
A Cappella Showcase in memory of John Baxter, husband of member Norma Kimmins
A Cappella Showcase in memory of Vance Barber, father-in-law of member Lynda Barber

December 2023
Liz LeClair in honor of Tom Gentry
Janet Billings in honor of Tom Gentry
Beth Ramsson in honor of Tom Gentry
Kathy Greason in honor of Tom Gentry
The Estate of Dennis Sorge
Harmony Heritage in memory of Dorothy Hannaford


Monthly Donors

Lindsay Chartier
Ann McAlexander
Donna McKay
Jeanne O'Connor
Kelly Peterson


2023 Donors

A Cappella Showcase
Aged to Perfection
Angie Beatty
Ann McAlexander
Anne Bureau
Anne Leinen
Area 2
Area 5
Area 6
Atlanta Harmony Celebration!
Barbara Pate
Becky Standford
Bella Nova Chorus
Beth Ramsson
Blake Devillers
Carole' Mensing
Cathy DeCoste
Chacey Steen Rush
Christina Lewellen
Claudia Kirkland
Debbie Dodge
Debbie Parmerter
Don Signor
Donna & Bill McKay
Donna McKay
Ellen Messer
Ellen Rightmyer
Gaye LaCasce
Ginny Corradino
Harmony Heritage
Island A Cappella Inc.
It's About Time Quartet
Janet Billings
Janet Dakins
Jeanne O’Connor
Jennifer Cooke
Joey Huff
Joy Long
Kat Bell
Kathe Schellman
Katherine Greason
Kathleen Snodell
Kathy Sullivan
Katie Taylor
Kelly Peterson
Kristin Gunasekera
Linda Brehaut
Linda Muise
Lindsay Chartier
Lip Service
Liz LeClair
Lorie Autote
Maloree Daily
Marcia Trick
Margaret Langley
Marianne Trotter
Mary Ann Cantwell
Mary Ann Wert
Matt Rush
Michelle Buckenmeyer
New England Voices in Harmony
Pat Sutherland
Raymond & Laura Oakes
Rosemunde Pope
Sändra Woolcott
Sarah Thorne-Miller
Scarborough Harmony Chorus
Sharon Gunasti
Shelagh Radcliffe
SōlFire Quartet
Steve Hagerdon
Steve Tramack
Susan Spencer
Teresa Kroculick
Terrie Carrozzella
The Baytones
The the ShopTarts
Victoria Green
Vivace Quartet
Wanda Olsen
White Sands a Cappella


HI Donors to
Sing Canada Harmony

July 2022 – June 2023

With thanks to Sing Canada Harmony for providing the following names of Harmony, Inc. member donors.

Amy Patterson
Angela Morton-Locke
Annabel Cohen
Area 1 Council
Barbara Carruthers
Barbro Westin
Bill & Betty Jean Vermue
Codiac Chords
Dianne Humphrey
Eleanor Conrad
Elm City Echoes
Gilbert & Gail Chartier
Irene Flemming
Irene Shura Butler
Janet Bernier
Janet Kidd
Janice & Roger Coffin
Janice Delvecchio
Joan Langille
Joyce Pitcher
Kathryne Phillips
Kathy Do
Kimberly Meechan
Laurie Walker
Linda Brehaut
Linda Mcmaster
Lynne Hamilton
Mary-Lew Montague
Murray & Mary Phillips
Patricia And David Watson
Patricia Cassidy
Patricia Cyr
Patricia Watson
Richard And Susan Young
Shades of Harmony
Stacy Hugman & Richard Frenette
Trinda Ernst
Women In Harmony

HI Donors to 
Directors First

With thanks to Harmony Foundation International for providing the following names of Harmony, Inc. member donors.

Area 2 Council Harmony Inc
Crystal Chords
Harmony, Inc
Misty River Music Makers
Niagara Frontier Chord Authority
NoteAble Blend Chapter
Sisters of Sound
Village Vocal Chords
Catherine Allen
Elizabeth Bennett
Barbara Birnbaum
Lisa Bower
Kirsten Bridges
Maria Bunte
Maryann Calnan
Mary Ann Cantwell
Erin Cassidy
Janelle Cole
Jo Ann Crimi
Amy Darcy
Anne Diggle
Christine Dunigan
Trayce Elenteny
Carolyn Faulkenberry
Deborah Francis
Deborah Gade-Roemer
Nancy Graves
Kristin Gunasekera
Stephen Hagerdon
Jill Hamilton
Cynthia Hunt
Jennifer Hunt
Jacquie Jensen
Kimberly Johnston
Carol Jordan
Denise Juda
Lu Jo Karkovice
Carole Katsantoness
Maria Kolano
Kia Lampe-Onnerud
Julie Lawonn
Christina Lewellen
Laura Loewenstein
Marsha Lundy
Ruth Maple
Wendy McCoole
Joanne McCreery
Samuel McFarland
Donna McKay
Arlene McMahon
Susan Merow
Cheryl Meyer
Peggi Meyer
Mary Michael
Charlene Mindel
Renee Moelders
Carol Motz
Erin Mulder
Thomas Noble
Jennifer Offutt
Lenore O’Hanrahan
Diane Patterson
Kate Pearce
Kathleen Pearce
Donna Pelletier
Richard Powell
Karen Prescott
Marjorie Rawhouser
Ellen Regan
Marlene Reitz
Gail Robbins
Shirley Rozek
Deb Sabol-Williams
Diane Sanetti
Anne Scull
Dixie Semich
April Setlik
AnnMarie Simmons
Barbara Smith
Donna Snyder
Denise Struve
Denise Thede
Emilyann Tobias
Karen Trotter
Janet Walsh
Laura Walsh
Margaret Westover
Carole White
Jerri White
Perry White
Christine Williams
Kerry Wilson
Linda Wistermayer
Sara Wood
Barb Yendall
Andrea Younie
Diane Zanetti
Carol Zeffiro


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